Field Achievement Awards

World Archery Arrowhead Awards

Can be applied for at Arrowhead status tournaments. Available for compound, recurve and

barebow styles.  Traditional/Instinctive/AFB/Longbow must apply using the barebow category.

Sussex Field Achievement Awards

Available for all bowstyles.

The award is a metal pin badge which is arrow shaped with the Sussex Martlett and a stag to indicate field

archery. The cost of the badge is £3.50 per badge for Sussex archers, or £4.75 per badge for non-Sussex archers.

Postage will be £1.75 for up to 10 badges.

The award badges are green , white, black, blue, red, gold and purple. The higher awards will be challenging.

The scores required will be for one day marked, unmarked or mixed rounds complying with GNAS rules, either

one open score or 3 club scores. Please indicate the shoot the scores were achieved, venues and dates. In the

case of club scores, please supply scan or copies of the scoresheets.

The badges will be available at field shoots and through the Sussex field representative Michaela Lake. The

scores for these badges are available on the Sussex County Website.


Claim Form:

Thank you to James Annall for his help in developing the scores needed for the awards.

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