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25th June 2018 - Proposal for the introduction of additional novice and Junior markers for UK Record Status unmarked and Marked rounds

Introducing juniors and novices to field archery can often be daunting for target archers who often believe they will loose  their arrows or not be able to gauge distances successfully.

To improve the participation in Field Archery, encourage new archers and juniors to try it out and to provide a standard structure a proposal has been published for consideration by all existing Field archers and tournament organisers with a request to provide feedback on all aspects of the proposal by end July 2018. The proposal can be downloaded here

The inclusion of the additional ground markers is optional at the tournament organisers discretion

Please email John Hartfield at with your feedback

25th April - Clarification and guidance on changes to the WA Field Archery Rules can be found here

28th March 2018 - Message from Chairman John Hartfield "The WA Arrowhead round is the international recognition for the different standards in Field Archery, however there are few of these events in Uk as the cost of running them is high and many archers do not like having to mark the faces (particularly in poor weather conditions)

As an alternative Field Committee are promoting the Sussex Martlett award scheme which has a similar structure and a badge to identify the level that an archer has achieved. This program has recognition across UK and is an established system of awards.  Details are found on the Sussex County Website: - 

Details: Sussex Field Achievement Awards

Claim Form:


12th March 2018 - Barebow and Trad Archery Phil Bowen sadly passed away recently.  His funeral sesrvice is on the 19th March. Anyone wishing to attend, please contact Pentref Bowmen for information. 

10th March 2018 - 

The Kendal field shoot on April 7th-8th is now cancelled.

This is due to storm Emma causing trees to topple or lean.  There is now not enough time to create another course and safety has to be the priority.  A shoot will be put on later in the year. 

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