Additional Pegs for Junior Archers

Archery GB are about to publish changes to the rules in the Archery UK magazine (April 2019).  This follows a study and feedback from the Field Archery community this last year, related to the introduction of additional optional shooting positions for juniors and novices. 


These changes introduce the use of yellow, green and pink coloured shooting positions and make changes to the white shooting position distance. Records will not be kept for the new shooting positions and while the white shooting positions have been changed to introduce a shorter position for one face size, new records will be established but only accepted for scores that better the existing scores achieved.


The new shooting positions are to be marked using a thin ground marker to minimise the visibility from the red and blue pegs, the additional positions are also optional as it is recognised that some field courses do not accommodate the placement of these shooting positions, for example across water or dead ground etc and therefore the use of these is at the Tournament Organisers discretion.


We want to encourage greater participation in Field archery by juniors and novices and it is felt that these additional shooting positions will go in part to removing some of the fears that prevent participation.


Archery GB wishes to encourage the use of these new shooting positions as soon as possible and suggest that the changes are adopted immediately.  We would appreciate if you would consider implementation at your next Field Tournament.

Click the link below to view the proposal

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